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Pre-13th Century: Early Prehistoric people inhabited the Rio Grande Valley  and the area now known as Northern New Mexico

13th-17th: Pueblo of Phioge, directly east of Los Lucercos, inhabited by the Tewa people, ancesters of current residents of Okay Owenge formally known as San Juan Pueblo

1591: Spanish explorer Gaspar Castano de Sosa visited the Pueblo of Phigoe


1598 - 1821: Nuevo Mexico governed by Spain

1598: Juan Onate establishes San Gabriel, the first capital of New Mexico under Spain, on the banks of the Rio Grande presently known as Okay Owengeh

1680: Pueblo Revolt

1692: Spanish resettled New Mexico

1702-1705: Sebastian & Antonio Martin-Serrano granted royal possession of  50,000 acres including the land that is to become Los Luceros as payment for service to the Crown


1757: Santiago Lucero married Barbara Padilla, grandaughter of Sebastian-Martin-Serrano, first recorded instance of the Lucero name to the area

1821-1846: Nuevo Mexico governed by Mexico after attaining Independance from Spain

1844: Los Luceros made the seat of the Northern District and Rio Arriba County by the Mexican Government

1846-1848: U.S. Mexican War

1849: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

1850-1912: Territory of New Mexico 

1850: Maria Marta Lucero married Elias T. Clark who aquired various properties and buildings in the Los Luceros area

1860: Elias T. Clark dies

1862: Civil War in New Mexico

1866: Luis Maria Ortiz ( oldest son of Don Gaspar Ortiz & Maria Magdalena Lucero) marries Clark's daughter, Eliza

1891:  Ortiz deeded the Capilla de la Sagrada Familia located at the NE corner of the Hacienda to the Catholic Church


1898:  Spanish American War


1902:  Abel Ortiz, cousin to Luis Ortiz, was deeded a small parcel of land east of the Hacienda and the Capilla by his father, Lucas. Soon after, the adobe Lucero house was built

1912: New Mexico becomes the 47th state on January 6, 1912 

1914: World War I


1922: Some of the Los Luceros Ranch property is deeded by Luis Ortiz to Richard and Caroline Pffafle, the owners of San Gaberial Dude Ranch


1923: Mary Cabot Wheelwright purchases the Hacienda from the Luceros family

1941: World War II

1958: The Wheelwright Museum is willed Los Luceros by the estate of Mary Cabot Wheelwight.

1958-1983: Los Luceros is owned by a number of private owner

1983: Malcom Grimmer gets Los Luceros and the Chapel on the National Historic Registry.

1985: American Studies Groups buys Los Luceros

1999: Los Luceros is bought by the grandaughter of Lady Wheelwright and her husband Frank

1999-2005: Los Luceros undergoes a complete restoration by the Los Luceros Foundation.

2008: Los Luceros is bought by the State of New Mexico

2012: Los Amigos del Rancho Los Luceros is formed as a non-profit.

2013: Los Amgios del Rancho Los Luceros is granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.

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